The Spréach Geal Competitive Advantage

By pioneering in the field of career incubation of IT engineers and deploying AI expert systems, Spréach Geal is building a dynamic, innovative core team of dedicated and loyal engineers who will be the source of:

  • Innovative new technological solutions
  • Existing technologies applied in unique, new, ways
  • Lower priced service delivery due to levering intelligent systems to automate repetitive tasks
  • Better value to customers in terms of efficiency and ROI because of increased use of expert systems
  • Greater consistency across systems configuration resulting in total elimination of site specific ramp-up time for break/fix engineering service calls


Benefits to Clients

The services and products on offer from Spréach Geal can benefit clients in the following areas;

  • Increase sales from search engine optimised website deployments with heavy integration to stock control/financial systems
  • Increase efficiency by using AI systems to mine product use profiles and assist in smart inventory control
  • Save money by replacing expensive systems with lower cost systems designed to be theft and disaster resistant
  • Save time with rapid access times from always on-standby virtual desktop for Infrastructure as a Service  clients
  • Maximise resources by permitting the deployment of what would normally be a capital expenditure as an operational expenditure due to the nature of provision of Infrastructure as a Service
  • Reduce failures by comprehensive management of data and system backups
  • Reduce downtime by comprehensive business continuity planning built-in to each system
  • Improve Customer Service by improving quality of engineer training
  • Reduce employee and client churn and increase loyalty by providing smart systems which allow our clients to concentrate on growing and improving their core business and let Spréach Geal handle the technology

Spréach Geal engineers adopt an ethos of “benefiting the client ultimately benefits you” and is committed to providing evidence of those benefits, ensuring the goal does not become an empty promise.  When a client engages Spréach Geal to provide their IT infrastructure or service for them they can know, with confidence, that our engineers will not be out to improve their own lot at the clients’ expense but will not consider their mission a success until they have markedly improved our clients lot in business.